Art Gallery 2019

Christina Carmel

Meet the Artist 
Saturday, October 12, 2019
3:30 pm in the PVCC CPA Lobby

“I paint what makes us human.

My motivation for starting an art career is my passion to help. I hope to one day earn a living that allows me to greatly give back to and make a positive impact on the community. Through art, I want to assist marginalized groups of people, both locally and internationally. I hope to help build a world where we all belong, where we are all celebrated, loved, respected, honored, and cared for.

Especially now when we are more divided than ever, I want to capture the human spirit that truly connects us all. Through my work, I aim to use color and line in a way that highlights the joy, sorrow, pain, elation, confusion, and humility that we all feel at different periods of life. Regardless if we are women, minorities, immigrants, atheist, Christian, Muslim, LBGTQ+, disabled, elderly etc. I aim to shed light on our similarities, the things that connect us, rather than the things that can sadly tear us apart.

My passion is people, my message is human connection, and my mode is my paintbrush.”

Christina Carmel / 2019