Damn I Need a Laugh – The Covid 19 Shorts Edition


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Please enjoy some of our favorite funny Desperado short films from the past. And don’t we all need a laugh now?

Das Phallometer – 7 min

Directed by Tor Iben

The phallometric tests were used in the Czech Republic until recently in order to verify the homosexuality of asylum seekers, who reported homosexuality-based persecution in their home country as grounds for asylum. This short tells the story of a young guy whose sexuality will be tested through this method in a satirically way.

More Than God – 9 min

Directed by Kev Cahill

A pious Doctor is forced to deal with a family matter whilst hiding under the bed of a stranger.

Tech Support – 10 min

Directed by Erik Gernand

A young woman recently dumped by her girlfriend gets extra special attention when her tech support call is answered by a lonely romantic.

Sam Did It – 11 min

Directed By Dominic Burgess

Sam gets the chance to meet his celebrity idol. The only problem is that Sam works in a morgue and his idol is dead.

Grace and Betty – 12 min

Directed by Zoe Lubeck

When 23 year old Grace decides to come out of the closet to her grandmother Betty, she discovers something she wasn’t expecting.

Skallamann – 12 min

Directed by Maria Bock

A musical comedy about 17-year-old Jonas who comes back home to his parents and tells them he has just kissed a bald guy.

Spooners – 14 min

Directed by Bryan Horch

After convincing his husband to retire their old lumpy futon, Nelson is forced to come out in a spectacular way while shopping for a new bed at Drowzy’s Mattress World.

Happy F-ing Valentine’s Day – 13 Min

Directed by Jeremy Dehn

Valentine’s Day provides the backdrop for a comedic farce of well-intentioned cupids and incognito outlaws who together thaw the heart of a struggling waitress.